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Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling?

Counselling is the opportunity to explore your challenges, difficulties, wishes and goals in a safe and protected environment with a registered professional who can guide you in an equal ‘side by side’ therapeutic relationship. Counselling does not offer advice or judge you, but offers you a chance to speak to someone outside of your immediate life in a process towards an understanding or yourself and your true feelings.

Who is counselling for?

It is not unusual to face difficulties and challenges in our life, or to feel insecure in our own environment and relationships, and sometimes we are not sure which way to turn. Counselling is for anybody who may be experiencing this or similar issues, with an aim of forming a better understanding of ourselves and our world. People can turn to counselling looking to make a change in their lives, or to explore possibilities or find their voice that may have been lost along the way.

What can I expect?

Counselling can be a challenging process, and many feelings and emotions may be brought to the surface. I will be here to support you through these moments, and the more honest you are able to be with me about these feelings, the more you will get from the process. We will regularly review our work together to make sure you are going in the direction you wish.

What will happen during sessions?

The starting point for all counselling is a therapeutic contract, which we will agree together and can be reviewed at any point during the process. We will discuss the confidentiality policy and your gao;s for counselling. We will agree on a regular time and day every week, and I ask that if you need to cancel any session you were able to give me 24 hours notice.

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